Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Have Lift Off!

Okay so there's no rocket. Maybe it's more of a torpedo since it's surrounded by liquid.

Enough with the analogies and convoluted clues.

Moriah (or Passon) moved tonight! And I felt her (or him). For those who don't already know, our chosen names for Aidan's little sibling are Moriah Grace and Passon Mark David. We're both convinced this child is a girl.

We were driving back from church and Marissa kept giggling for no apparent reason. I finally asked her what was going on and she told me she was feeling the baby move. I reached over, hoping for a little flutter against my hand. And I was rewarded! I couldn't resist and poked back, saying "tickle tickle!" I think I made someone giggle because there were more little flutters. Then I giggled—all the way home!

Good times! Good times!


Donna.Zakem said...

How exciting!!!! I dont remember flutters with my set of twins though!!! I think that they had full blown boxing matches the entire 7 months they were in my tummy!!

prackley said...

Yippee! That must have been a special moment. Did Aidan get in on the fun?


Sean Rackley said...

Not yet. He was in the backseat. I think that'll be a fun blog post when it does happen though.