Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Rare Second Post In One Day

Sometimes I wonder why I write in the mornings and restrict myself to writing only once per day. I think I'll just throw that rule out the window. BBQ is fun and all but sometimes better things happen. Things more worthy of my blogging attention.

Take my time today with Aidan as an example. Why would I write about meat, no matter how good it turned out, when I could write about nearly a full day of bonding with my son? Then again, who told me I couldn't write more than one entry per day?

Now, to the real smoked chicken of this post:

Marissa had worship team practice this morning, so after breakfast, Aidan was all mine. I started by changing a massive poopy diaper—alone. That's a first in and of itself. Then I found a Caribbean Gospel radio station on iTunes and we jammed out until Marissa got home. We played and read and danced to the music. Aidan's a great dancer for someone his age; he moves however he wants but he's got a great sense of rhythm. I'm going to video his dancing sometime soon to share with my readers. It's great!

After I started the chicken outside, Marissa and Aidan joined me for a little fun in the sun. While it lasted. It started getting cold rather quickly. We didn't let that get us down though. We just added layers of clothing and kept at it. Four hours later, the chicken was done, we were exhausted, and the dinner guests arrived. Aidan's friend Daniel brought his parents over for dinner and play. Aunt Kristi also joined us.

(The chicken was awesome!)

After our guests left, I gave Aidan his bath, brushed his teeth, put his pajammies on, and read him a story. Marissa opted to do dishes. I definitely got the sweet end of that deal!

Since Aidan was getting sleepy and the clock was running out of numbers, Marissa took him to his room (we've begun transitioning him out of our room in expectation of the new arrival in April or May) to put him down for bed. I sat at the computer, researching printing and shipping options for my completed book of poetry, content with my day.

Then the best part of my day was initiated by Marissa hearing nature's call. I replaced her in Aidan's bedroom, just to keep him company as he wound down. I ended up snuggling with him on his little mattress and patting his back until he fell asleep. Marissa came back expecting to see Aidan still awake but he was very relaxed. She didn't have to do anything except sit back and watch. It wasn't long before I got Aidan's "happy sniff" that signals successful slumber. That was quite a milestone for both of us: one of his first nights going to sleep without nursing and my first night to put him completely to sleep.

What a day with my boy! I feel like I'm really stepping into this whole fatherhood thing. Now, if only I can figure out how to change a diaper without fully removing his pants...

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