Monday, July 7, 2008

A + B = Mud, C + D = Yum!

Time for some "blogebra."

A = There are so many new construction projects at Texas State University right now it's a bit ridiculous. Since January at least eight new projects have been started. Seven of them are on my bus route in the afternoons this summer. It's beginning to make me think there's been another change at our alma mater. Our colors are being changed from gold and maroon to orange and white, our school cheer involves a Stop/Slow sign and a yellow safety vest, and scaffolding is really really cool architecture. At least our mascot hasn't changed. There are still lots of bobcats around campus. Now they're just the front-end loader variety.

B = Construction crews are required to block off drainage structures that lead to water sources, like the San Marcos River, because when it rains, pollutants from the work site can be washed into the water. Logical. Makes perfect sense. But when an afternoon storm produces a deluge and the drains are all plugged up, that water doesn't just decide to give up its downward pursuit and return to the clouds. It has to go somewhere. And with hills like ours, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a bus driver to figure out where. It goes into the streets. It can't go into the grass—crews 1-8 have removed it in favor of a much more workable and much less porous substance.

Mud = This really needs no explanation. Just picture the Mississippi in flood stage and you can imagine what I had to drive through this afternoon.

C = Marissa found a bargain at the grocery store on chicken and veggies. When I came home, she greeted me with my apron and tools and said that she wanted to learn how to grill. Outside. Like a real woman.

D = The rain had stopped and the clouds were clearing. I scooped Aidan up into my arms and proceeded with the basic instructions as I know them.

Yum! = My taste buds are still cleaning up from the party they had! Such simple seasonings with a bit of char and a tang of smoke...mmm, delightful. Marissa did a great job at her first grilling!

C + D

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Kristi said...

awesome Sean :) Love the math :) By the way, what IS Tx State doing??? New parking lots??? Just wondering :)