Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Time, We Hired A Trained Professional

In honor of Aidan's increasingly long hair and his parents' timidity with sharp objects near his head, we took Aidan to see a professional. He got flying lessons too!

Allow me to explain. Aidan needed a haircut. The last time made us nervous so we took him to a barber shop. And the barber shop has the coolest chair for little kids. The entire thing is an airplane. It spins and goes up and down (just like a regular barber chair) but it has red wings and a shiny silver steering wheel. This is mostly to entertain Dad but it helps to distract Baby too. Aidan loved it when the stylist would spin the plane around to get a better approach vector. I wish I had a video to post but my camera's batteries were almost drained; however, I was able to get some stills:

Good lookin' boy, huh?
He even got a special certificate for being so good for his first professional haircut:

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