Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aidan's Gone Up A Level

...and developed a whole new skill set in the past week. I really wish I could remember everything new he's done so you could "ooh" and "ahh" but I can't. Today's advancement tops the others and, quite frankly, overshadows them to the point I can't even remember them all.

Today, Aidan changed my name from a joyful grunt of recognition to that which continues to melt my heart: "Da-da." I can't even think what more to say about it. A smile just appears and widens on my face as I think about it. If I'm not careful, my melted heart will begin to seep out my eyes and then I won't be able to read what I'm typing. I'm so blessed!

Marissa is a bit jealous; he goes around calling everything "Mum-mum" but he calls only me "Da-da." He's even reached up for me a few times from the floor or his crib as he says it! That just turns me to mush.

I love being a father so much! I can't wait to buy Aidan a Christmas present and put it together for him Christmas Eve! I'm sure he'll be more interested in the wrapping paper and box at this point, but as long as he calls me "Da-da" on Christmas at least once, I'll be just fine.

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