Monday, April 23, 2007

Invasion Of The Kinfolk

It wasn't long after our little bundle of joy arrived that our home was inundated with hugs, kisses, love, and general well-wishes from all of Aidan's biggest fans. Granny Sharp stayed for several days and was extremely helpful in easing Mom's mind (and Dad's too!) about raising a newborn. Her extra set of hands was also appreciated around the house. Grandma and Grandpa Rackley also made a visit; their help was appreciated just as much. Many friends stopped by for a little or a long time and all were happy, especially Aidan - he loves being the center of attention (just no cameras, please!). Requests for autographs can be sent c/o Dad's email address.

There's a saying that we learn something new each day. I must be having a great set of days here because I am learning so much. We just gave Aidan his first bath and he handled it very well. Earlier, I made breast pump soup (boil water, add pump parts, stir for 3 minutes, serve after cooling). Can't wait to try it! More later...

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